New Scouts

What is Scouts?? It is a program filled with activities and outings that give our boys the opportunity to learn about the twelve core values: Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation, Courage, Faith, Health & Fitness, Honesty, Perseverance, Positive Attitude, Resourcefulness, Respect, and Responsibility.
Cub Scouts is the first step towards being a Boy Scout, if your child chooses.
Dens: While in scouts, your child will be grouped with boys his age group.  This will be referred to as his "Den". The Leader is the adult/s that will plan all activities within the Den to help them acquire the requirements they need to advance onto the next step.  Traditionally, the same Leader/s will remain in the same position throughout their advancement.  We always encourage at least 2 Leaders in each Den.  Usually there will be a Den Meeting planned twice a month.
Pack:  All the Dens together are referred to as a Pack.  (Tigers, Bears, Wolves, WEBELOS I and WEBELOS II). There is a Pack Meeting scheduled once a month throughout the entire school year.  (See Calendar.)  The Cubmaster is the person who plans and carries out these meetings, with the help of other Leaders and parents.  Here your child will do activities with all the other Cub scouts and this the time when they are given any awards or advancements.  Parents are always encouraged to attend to see their child's hard work paying off.     
Leaders:  Every Den has at least one Leader, preferably two.  These are parents or family members of the children in that den.  Leaders are usually the parents who volunteer to head up the den, but occasionally someone is nominated within the group.  Either way, it can seem intimidating in the beginning, but all the other Leaders and parents in the Pack and Den are there to lend a hand.  Be sure to ask!
Uniforms:  Of course the Cub Scout uniform is synonymous with scouting.  Each child is required to be in uniform during pack meetings, Den Meetings and outings.  There are two types of uniforms.  Class A, which refers to the the blue button up shirt, khaki pants/shorts, hat, neckerchief and neck slide.  Their shirts have specific patches and pins that need to be placed.  Your child's scout book has the proper placement outlined.  We suggest buying "Badge Magic" for easier placement. 
Class "B" is basically a Pack 1720 t-shirt (will be provided once scout is registered) and any type of pants/shorts.  This uniform is used for some of our dirtier/outdoor activities.  Parents will always be reminded which uniform to use.  When in doubt, go with Class "A". 
Parent Participation - Parents are an intricate part to a successful scouting program.  They are the ones who are leaders (if they wish), help with planning activities, cleaning up, and of course participating in the events.  That being said, we all know how busy everyone is, and please, do not think that if you don't have a ton of time to give, your son cannot participate.  That is not true!  We are hoping that each parent is able to help out just a bit along the way.  Whether that be willing to help out with a game at a meeting, making calls to help reserve a spot for a fun activity, attending committee meeting, or if you have special talents that will aid us in becoming an even better program - join our committee. 
We so look forward to meeting all of you new scouts and families. If we missed personally greeting you, be sure to stop a leader (the adults in uniform) and let them know you are new to the pack.  They'll be sure to take you under their wing and before you know it - you'll hear yourself saying the pledge with your son!  Welcome to scouts!