Which Way Do We Go????
Outings are a fun way to get out and discover interesting places as a Pack. Some of the outings are required in the program. And other outings are just a fun way we can experience new things. The outings could be considered easy like going on a hike, or playing a game at the park. Other Outings could require a little more planning, like a camp out or day trip.
Outings are easy to plan. There are a few guidelines for planning a safe outing. Usually, most questions could be followed in "The Guide to Safe Scouting' manual (downloadable manual under General Forms). There are other requirements that also have to be followed, like requesting a Tour Permit. If you have any questions when a Tour Permit is needed, please contact a committee member and they would be happy to walk you through the steps.
Some of the awesome trips we planned in the past included:
Bank Tour, Selfridge Air Force Base, Gymnastics, Hiking, Model Railroads, Greenfield Village, Zoo Camping, Silverside Museum, restaurant tour, TV News station, Local Newspaper, Police Station, Fire Station, Troy Historical Museum, High School & professional sporting event, Local Fairs, Apple Orchard, Celebrate the Chinese New Year, and many more.
October 2019- Fort Gratiot Lighthouse
July 2019- Toledo Zoo Overnight
February 2018 - USS Silversides Overnight
January 2017 - Cranbrook Institute of Science Overnight
October 2015 - Port Huron Light House Overnight
                                    October 2014 - USS Silversides Overnight
                                    April 2013 - Cranbrook Institute of Science Overnight
                                    June 2012 - Toledo Mud Hens Game and Overnight Camping
                                   October 2011 - Detroit Zoo Overnight
                                    May 2010 - USS Silversides Overnight

If you have any places you discovered and want to share, please write the location in the 'comments' section below.